Nitric Oxide Benefits

Nitric Oxide Benefits
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If you have become a regular at your gym, the chances are pretty good that you have heard people talk about nitric oxide supplements before. Most people know that this type of supplement can help their workout (supposedly anyway) but they have no clue how this would actually work and how they would benefit. If you want to get through your next workout in a much better way, you should consider using nitric oxide, and will get into the details as to why.

Stop me if this is becoming a little too familiar, you have been pushing more weight every week, you are getting in your pre- and post-workout shake, and you are getting to bed earlier than you thought possible in order to get the optimal benefits of getting enough rest after training. Chances are that there is something else that you could be doing, which in this case is using nitric oxide. How does it help you, what does it do?

What it is

Nitric oxide is a gas manufactured by the body from amino acids. Nitric oxide functions as a natural blood vessel relaxer (a vasodilator). Because of the dilation, you have more blood flow. An increased blood flow means that you are able to push more nutrients and oxygen to your muscular tissue. In short, it means that there are some major benefits when it comes to working out.

Better recovery rates

One of the first things where nitric oxide is able to help is by speeding up your recovery rates. If you are going to the gym continuously for a few days (or even weeks) on end, chances are that you find that you are increasingly fatigued the next day after going hard in the gym. In fact, you might need a day or two to recover from your workout. This is where nitric oxide can help you.

By ensuring that there is enough blood flow to our tissue, our working muscles get the oxygen delivery that they need in order to recover. Without a solid meal or a good post-workout shake, you are not going to notice THAT many benefits, but even without paying attention to those factors, it would mean better results. Remember that recovery remains one of the most often overlooked aspects of fitness. If you could help your muscles recover faster, would that be something that you are interested in?

Higher reps – less fatigue

Another factor where nitric oxide is going to make a difference is with warding off fatigue. Fatigue is often a limiting factor in your workout, especially when just getting started with your workout session. The body is quickly running out of oxygen when you are doing weight-lifting exercises. This leads to the build-up of lactic acid, which means that you are going to feel more fatigued with every rep. The burning sensation that accompanies the build-up of lactic acid is something that might prevent you from working out, or stop your workout short. If you are going to use higher reps than you have done before, chances are that the build-up of lactic acid is extremely limiting on your progress. By using nitric oxide, you are able to increase the flow of oxygen into the body.

Better glucose use

Your body needs glucose, and if you are trying to lose unwanted body fat, chances are that you should consider using nitric oxide. A study published in the American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism found that using nitric oxide before your workout led to much more glucose use, a higher rate of glucose disappearance, and a higher glucose clearance rate. This study proved that as exercise persisted, these athletes were taking up the glucose faster into the muscle cells

In addition to the use of glucose, using nitric oxide also led to more glycerol in the body and an increase in non-esterified fatty acid concentration. Both of these factors can contribute to the body using fat as fuel after a workout. If you want to burn fat as you continue to train, you might find that you have some benefits to using nitric oxide in that regard.

A better pump

What are we all looking for when we are trying to bust out those last few reps? We are not necessarily worried about our max, we are not looking towards future (potential) gains – we are doing it for the pump. Arnold described the pump as the most satisfying feeling in the world, and anyone who has ever been serious about fitness would find it hard to disagree.

If you are looking to maintain an excellent pump after you are done working out, nitric oxide is one of the best options that you are going to find on the market. Who does not love the feeling of your skin straining to contain your biceps and triceps? This is a feeling that you are able to generate with the use of nitric oxide. Not only is the pump going to stick around a bit longer, it is also going to be more pronounced.

Look at it this way, what are muscle pumps in the end? They are the result of an increased blood flow to the muscle tissue. If you want to build up your peaks a bit more, if you want that dryer, vascular look where people are able to see veins, you are going to want to use nitric oxide. These moments of enjoying the ultimate pump are what lead to most people continuing with their workout program. This ultimately means that you are going to see better results in the end.

Getting the better product

As with any supplement, what you are actively putting in your body matters. This is one of the reasons that many people swear by using NO2 Max from Crazy Bulk (learn more here). By using their products, you know that you are using a product that is pure, does not come with any waste product, and you are getting a cleaner version of nitric oxide. In short, you are getting more of what you pay for rather than paying for filler.