A Loophole In The Supplement Market

A Loophole In The Supplement Market
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If you want to build muscle and get bigger than you have ever been before – anabolic steroids work.

There is no denying it, there is no arguing it. We can argue safety, legality, and morality, whatever you want to argue about – but there is no denying that steroids work when it comes to building muscle or making sure that someone gets leaner than ever before.

The reason that traditional anabolic steroids work is that you are injecting specific hormones into your body. You are adding specific compounds that are working with your androgen receptors – this is going to allow you to build more muscle than previously believed possible. Specific anabolic steroids are going to push you in such a way that you can achieve a physique that you could not achieve if you were training naturally.

The problem is that unless you get a prescription for them, anabolic steroids are illegal. And in many countries, they are illegal regardless.

HOWEVER, what if we told you that we had a LOOPHOLE in the supplement market that would allow you to build solid muscle or shred unwanted fat without having to resort to illegal anabolic?

The answer to this problem is legal steroids – completely ready cycles and stacks that are going to produce results faster and easier than ever before. Contrary to illicit substances, this is a legal, risk-free approach to trimming fat and developing muscle with greatly reduced side effects.

If you want to become shredded and build lean muscle mass without the many negative sides to using anabolic steroids, you are able to do so because of a legal loophole.

One of the primary benefits of this is the fact that you are able to increase protein synthesis. By doing that, you are able to ensure that the protein that you take in every day goes where it needs to go. In short, you are able to build stronger muscles much faster. Added protein synthesis not only means that you are able to get bigger and stronger, but it also means that you are less prone to injury and are going to recover from a tough workout much faster than you previously thought possible.

The different cycles

It is important to remember that not everything in the category “legal steroids” does the same thing. You have to be aware of what you are taking, and you have to know your goals. If you are remodeling a bathroom, it is important that you have the right equipment and have an idea of what you want the bathroom to look like – you are not just going to start breaking up tiles and see where everything ends up. The same is true for changing your body in a drastic way. There are three different categories for steroid cycles – these include:

  • The bulk mass gain cycle – This is a legal steroid cycle for those who want to gain mass. It is important to understand that not everything you gain is going to be pure muscle, but some of it is going to be water as well. Most people who are trying a legal steroid for the first time are going to try bulk cycles – especially because it is a great way to get big quick and you can run these for shorter durations because of the immediate effects.
  • Cutting cycle – When you look at the cover of those fitness magazines, it is always men and women who are near the end of their cutting cycle. A cutting cycle means that they are focusing on reducing their caloric intake and traditionally do more cardio exercise. If you want to have a defined look to your physique, this is the cycle that you want. If you do not care about being the biggest monster in the gym but would rather have shredded abs or defined arms, this he cycle that you are looking for. Cutting cycles are NOT for those who want to add muscle, but rather those who want to achieve peak physique that is going to be more sustainable. Especially if beach season is about to be underway, this is the best type of cycle that you are going to want.  
  • Lean-bulk cycle – Now these are the longer cycles, and these are NOT recommended for those who are just starting out. These consist of both cutting and bulk-gain cutting legal steroids and can sometimes take upwards of 16 weeks to complete. Again, this is a cycle for a more experienced user. Those who only want to use a cycle or two during the year may opt for this type of cycle.

Stacking steroid cycles

When people are talking about stacking cycles, it means that they are using more than one legal steroid at a time. This is not a case of overkill but rather talks about the ability to get more out of your performances every single time. When combining more than one potent legal steroid, you are going to be able to push even harder in the gym. Why accept anything other than the best? This is what a stacking cycle does, it helps push beyond certain boundaries.

The ingredients

It is important to remember that legal steroids are just that – legal alternatives to a product that is often unattainable and illegal for most. The ingredients that you find in legal alternatives are going to promote muscle growth and muscle repair in a way that far exceeds what is possible naturally. The ingredients are renowned for their ability to encourage explosive strength. Another ingredient that you are going to find in these natural products is DHEA, which is proven to boost the testosterone levels of your body. More testosterone means more power in the gym.

Facts you need to know before your first steroid cycle

Some believe that legal steroids like CrazyBulk are something that you can just “do.” The truth is that you should not consider jumping on a legal steroid cycle unless you have some decent knowledge about what it can do for you, and have a basic understanding of what is possible and what is not when taking legal steroids.


Because of that, we want to provide you with some hard-hitting knowledge about your first legal steroid cycle and what you have to know before you ever get started. By taking this knowledge and learning more about what it takes to use the first cycle successfully, we believe that people are going to benefit more from their first cycle.

Fact #1 – Training and nutrition

We want to be exceedingly clear before we ever get started, which is why this is the first thing that we want to mention. If you are only going to use legal steroids and do not maintain a proper diet or refuse to exercise, you are going to be disappointed. One of the primary reasons that people use legal steroids is because they want to gain muscle or lose body fat (while maintaining muscle mass). You cannot build muscle without actually doing something, and you cannot just lose unwanted body fat without getting your heart rate up.

For legal steroids to work, you need to give it raw materials that it can work with, that it can mold into muscle. This means that you need to feed your body plenty of protein. If you want rich sources of protein, look for yogurt, milk, cheese, eggs, fish, and lean meats.

You also need certain cholesterol-rich foods such as dry fruits and egg yolk. However, it is important that you do limit the intake to a healthy amount. Considering that you are going to eat more when on a legal steroid cycle, you need to prevent constipation – a reason to consume lots of fiber. Your body is going to require more potassium in the blood, which means that you should eat foods that are rich in potassium such as peaches, apricots, milk, and dates.

Fact #2 – Remember the three components of fitness

If you want to get the most out of your legal steroid use, you have to remain balanced in the three areas of fitness – flexibility, muscular strength/endurance, and cardiovascular health. Doing plenty of stretching and keeping up with some serious cardio is going greatly to improve your overall health when using legal steroids.

Remember that increased cardio is going to lead to more manageable cholesterol levels. And the flexibility that comes with frequent stretching is going to help assist with injury prevention and will also greatly aid with circulation. Aggressive cardio workouts and proper nutrition are going to help cholesterol levels return to normal.

Finally, stretching is important as well, but you have to make sure that you stretch for at least 20 seconds. If you stretch less than that, it is going to tighten up the muscle and make it contract. This means that it is counterproductive for injury prevention and flexibility.

Any tips for those who want to use a legal cycle?

If you are going to use legal steroids, it is important that you get the most out of your cycle. If you are serious about changing your body composition, it is important to realize that just taking the supplements is not going to give you the results that you want. You have to keep up with these tips:

  • Make sure to stay hydrated – Remember that you are using an oral component to push yourself harder than before. You cannot allow yourself to become dehydrated, because that is going to be bad for your internal organs. By staying hydrated (at least a gallon a day), you are able to ensure that you get the most from your workouts.
  • Eat your protein – OK, it has been said before, but it warrants repeating. Your muscles are NEVER going to grow unless you get in enough protein. Big gains mean high protein intake. That is the only way that you are ever going to become stronger and more muscular.
  • Get your rest – You are going to push your body harder than you have done before, you need to make sure that you get plenty of quality rest as well. Without enough rest, you will be able to perform in the gym and your body is not going to develop.
  • Keep your discipline – You have to remember that muscles are not going to grow too much without actual resistance. This means that you have to be willing to put in the work in the gym. If you are not willing to do so, chances are that you will not see a great deal of difference. You know what you want to achieve, do not allow yourself to become complacent in the gym.

Getting big

It is important to remember that these legal steroids are a loophole in the system. You are pushing your body beyond what is normally available. If you are interested, it is a good idea to act fast, because who knows how long it might take before this loophole closes.

You now know more about this loophole, which means that you are able to push yourself to get that rock hard body that you want. If you want to get the amazing pumps and benefits, you need a proper diet and exercise to boot. There is nothing that is going to hold you back from peak performance, the only thing that you have to remember is to put in the work. If you want to make other guys jealous and have the ladies staring, make sure that you get yourself in the best possible shape with legal steroids.