How To Grow Legs with Crazy Bulk

How To Grow Legs with Crazy Bulk
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Guys have the right to show off their legs – unless “leg day” is a day that is synonymous with you calling in sick for the gym. Most of us have seen these incredibly strange-looking guys before.

Guys with massive shoulders, thick arms, a barrel chest – and tiny, tiny legs. The truth is that you should be able to wear shorts with confidence, rather than have your legs be something that you are embarrassed about.

When it comes to working out your legs, most people fall into one of the three categories of “common mistakes.” These mistakes include:

  • Doing the wrong leg exercises – These people focus solely on isolation and machine exercises. Remember that these should not be the core of your workout; these exercises are only there to serve as a supplementary workout.
  • Incorrect squatting – The second mistake that we come across a number of times is squatting incorrectly. We are not just talking about people who only do half-reps either. Some people bow the knee in way too much, throw their butt back way too much, or round their lower back. These are all “no-no’s” when it comes to a good squat.
  • Too much high-rep training – Chances are that you already know that high-rep is going to lead to definition and cardio gains, but you want BIG legs right? In that case, you are actively stunting your muscle growth to the point that you are not making the gains that you should be able to make. Lift heavy if you want to move towards getting bigger legs.


I want maximum leg growth – what parts do I focus on?

OK, let’s say that you are going to start avoiding the aforementioned three mistakes in the future, what can you focus on if you want the biggest legs in the joint? We will go through a few of the different parts that we would highly recommend in that case.

  • The quadriceps – These muscles act as extensors of the leg and they are the muscles at the front of the thigh. The quadriceps are necessary to straighten and extend the leg. If you want to compare them to an arm muscle group, they are comparable to the triceps.
  • The hamstrings – The hamstrings (the biceps femoris) are located in the rear of the leg and act as the thigh flexors. Their basic function is to allow the leg to curl back. If you want to compare them to an arm muscle group, they are comparable to the biceps.
  • The calves – There are three main muscles to our calves (which is why some guys have underdeveloped calves, despite actually training them). These include the muscle at the side of the calf (the soleus), the gastrocnemius (near the back of the calf) and the tibialis anterior, which runs alongside the shinbone to the front of the flower leg. The function of the calve muscles is to be able to move our feet. If you want to compare them to an arm muscle group, they are comparable to the forearm muscles.

Getting bigger legs

When it comes to realistic, natural leg development, there is a great deal that you can do to be able to push yourself beyond what you think is possible. Getting there takes patience, hard work, and maybe a little extra boost in the way of Crazy Bulk. The strategy for getting bigger legs is simple enough:

  • During your leg workouts, focus on heavy weight – If you want your legs to continue to grow, you want to focus on lifting heavy weights. Use a rep range anywhere between four and seven. If you are able to do more, you are not pushing your legs to their limit.
  • Focus on exercises that allow you to use progressive overload safely – If you are not going to get stronger, you are not going to get bigger. The key behind this is progressive overload.Progressive overload means that you are using more weight over time. Some exercises simply do not allow for progressive overload or heavy lifting. If you want to strain your knees, leg extensions are a great example, they simply are not great for building the most mass in your legs.

Train your legs

How much of a role do genetics play in growing legs?

You will have some guys suggest that they cannot grow massive legs because of their genetics. It is true that genetics play an important role for muscle growth – especially in legs.

Some people have massive legs to begin with, and some continue to rock the toothpick look until they squat around 400 pounds. Our body is made up of different muscle groups. We all have a different, unique composition of muscle tissue in our body.

However, it is important that genes are not necessarily going to hinder the growth of our legs. Our genetics are going to speed up or slow down the growth of muscle, they are not going to stop it altogether.

We do have a genetic limit, which is essentially ‘the limit’ of what our body is able to develop safely. However, it is important to remember that it could take years of intense training and excellent dieting for you to even be able to get near that limit.

Getting big

There is something primal, ferociously easy about getting big leg muscles, there is nothing inherently complicated about it.

You have to be able to train big, get big. In order to get through the restraints and really allow your legs to be pushed twice a week (which correlates to much bigger leg muscles) you are going to need an added boost to keep up.

Remember that if you are training super heavy, you will be able to use fewer reps. This is where using Crazy Bulk products is able to make a massive difference.

You are taking the risk of overtraining and throwing it out the proverbial window. You are able to build bigger legs, much faster than you would otherwise be able to.