Cutting cycle for 2018

Cutting cycle for 2018
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Not everyone has the same amount of weight to lose before they start going on a cut – but so many products and articles online talk as though everyone is the same.

Is that driving anyone else crazy or are we alone here?

The fact is that not everyone is the same, you might have a little bit of fat and water to lose before you get to your shredded state, or you might just have a bit more to lose than most people in the gym.

It would be crazy to treat and approach both situations the same way – because they are similar, but completely different. That is one of the reasons that we are going to talk a little bit about both.

Are you ready to succeed?

This is the first question that you should ask yourself, and it is one that most people are incapable of asking themselves before going on a cut. Aside from your physical struggles, it can be emotionally and mentally difficult to adhere to a stricter diet than normal.

This means that you are going to be putting in more hours, preparing meals so you can count your macros, and doing more cardio than you might have done before. This requires an iron will, intense self-regulation, and often some less-than-exciting foods.

How far do you have to go?

Futher update from John

If you have a few vanity pounds to lose before you are able to get into the best possible shape of your life, chances are that you already have your diet under control. If you are not quite there yet, you will need to start planning in three, four months’ time. You will want to cut down on your carbs, you will want to schedule plenty of cardio, and you will want to make sure that you are watching your calories.

Regardless of what you are doing in the gym, if you have a great deal of weight to lose, learning to count calories is far more important than how often you are found inside a gym.

Remember that the old saying “abs are made in the kitchen” still hold true for a reason. If you are just getting started and you have quite a bit of weight to lose, increase your cardio sessions (just listen to music while you do it) and make sure that you are actively controlling how many cheat meals or cheat days you are implementing in your diet.

If you are already close

If you are already close to the weight that you want, it is important that you drop creatine (if you are using it) and start to reduce your salt intake. Remember that creatine is going to help fill your cells with water, which helps generate more power while lifting, but also means that you look slightly more bloated.

The same goes for sodium (salt) if you are going to try to be as vascular as possible, you want to make sure that you are eating low sodium foods, especially because sodium is going to help your body retain water.

Adding fuel to the fire

One of the great things is that you can use something of a legal loophole to help yourself become shredded, whether you have a long way to go, or just a short way to go. Chances are that you have heard of steroids before – but legal steroid alternatives are something that you might have never heard of.


Clenbutrol – Clenbutrol is one of the best ways that you are able to increase your body’s thermogenic properties. Have you ever wondered where the phrase “burning fat” is coming from? It is because of the concept of thermogenics and our body using more calories and fat as we are increasing our body’s internal temperature.

Now you are able to get on the treadmill for an hour and increase our own basic metabolic rate, but why put in the work like that when you can have BOTH? Why not opt for the treadmill AND a great option like Clenbutrol? This is going to help your body burn more fat than you thought possible. Get your body going faster with Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk.


Winsol – Winsol is going to help you reduce the amount of muscle that you lose when you are trying to lose fat. The concept of losing weight is not hard (regardless of what other people are trying to tell you), you need to take in fewer calories than you would normally use throughout the day.

The problem with this though (especially those who want to be sculpted like a Greek God) is that when you do that, your body is inevitably going to use some muscle as nutrition. This means that you are losing some muscle along with some fat. However, when you use Winsol, you are actively preserving the muscle while still losing weight. Why risk losing the muscle that you worked countless hours for when you can take a legal steroid that is going to prevent you from doing so?


Anvarol –Anvarol offers a solution to one of the most frustrating aspects of dieting, feeling like crap when you are in the gym (or anywhere else for that matter). By stimulating phosphocreatine synthesis within your muscle tissue, you are able to add both energy and strength. This is not only going to ensure that you have a lean physique, but is also going to help you push yourself through those last few weeks before you step onto the stage (or onto the beach).

Getting cut

The fact is that there is no magic formula to being as shredded as you want. Watch your food intake, take the right supplements to ensure that you still have energy to go to the gym and pump out a fitness/cardio session, and make sure that you are ready to attract enough attention to make everyone else jealous.

Regardless of where you are in the cutting stage, Crazy Bulk products are able to offer you a serious advantage that you are not going to be able to find anywhere else.