Bulking For 2018

Bulking For 2018
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There is a reason that bulking season is one of the favorite times for any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. It is often the select few months where you are able to push yourself harder in the gym – but are also able to eat more than you would otherwise do.

However, bulking is not just an excuse to eat everything in sight that you might otherwise not touch. If you are planning to bulk using nothing but chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and pizza, chances are that you will gain excessive amounts of fat that a serious cutting cycle is only going to make a dent in.

Fueling the machine

If you are going to get bigger, you need to make sure that you are getting in enough food – fueling the machine. You do need to increase your protein intake (think about taking in 1.5 grams of protein per bodyweight), but that is not all that you are going to want to eat.

You are also going to want to eat plenty of carbs. Again, when looking at your bodyweight, you want about 1.5 to 2 grams of carbs per pound that you weigh. Remember that if you are lifting heavy, you need to keep your energy level high. This is going to help fuel your workout and means that you are able to push yourself even harder when working out.

Again, you want to ensure that you are taking in lower glycemic carbs in order to get better energy. This means that you are avoiding the refined sugars, but you are focusing on the sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, etc.

Also, you want to increase the amount of good fats that you are taking in. This is going to help increase your muscle growth as well. If you want your testosterone levels to take a dive, you should certainly eliminate all of your fats altogether. You need omega essential fats if you want to get bigger and stronger while being able to retain normal function.

Getting stronger means that you are getting bigger

If you want to know that you are getting bigger, you only have to pay attention to whether you are getting stronger. Even though it is possible to become stronger without gaining size, if you are actively bulking (meaning that you are doing what you need to in order to gain mass) you are gaining size as you gain strength.

If you are bulking and not getting stronger and not gaining size, something is horribly wrong with your bulking cycle and it is time for you to get back to the drawing board.

Cracking the sidewalk

If you want to become bigger than you have ever become, if you want the muscles that are not only indicative of true strength, but also dominance, you are going to need to get as big as you can possibly get.

Fortunately, you are able to get some assistance from a legal loophole – legal steroids from Crazy Bulk that you take for eight weeks. These are:

DecaDuro – DecaDuro is going to offer you some tremendous benefits. If you are pushing yourself in the gym, you need muscle gains and strength gains. To facilitate this, you need increased red blood cell production, increased protein synthesis, and better nitrogen retention.

The simple fact is that we need our bodies to work harder than before when we are bulking. We are taking in more protein and more other materials than ever before – it is essential that our body is actively using this rather than to let it go to waste. In addition, DecaDuro also helps with collagen synthesis.

If you are pushing heavier weight than before, you need your body to be able to adapt much faster. This is going to help your joints and ligaments deal with the added pressure that you are placing on them.

NO2 Max – NO2 Max ensures that you have more oxygen in your blood, which means that you are able to push yourself in the gym much longer than normal. Remember that there is no such thing as getting results without putting in the work.

This NO2 Max formula is going to ensure that you are actively delaying fatigue while working out. This means harder workouts, more gains, and faster recovery. This is everything that you want in a bulking product.

Trenolor – TBal75 – Trenolor (TBal75) is there to help your body retain more nitrogen. For those unaware, nitrogen is one of the primary building blocks of protein. If you have more protein and more nitrogen, it means that you are able to build muscle that much faster.

Trenolor is very much another benefit if you are looking to increase your strength without adding all that water that you would with a traditional creatine product for example. You are able to get stronger, bigger, without having to worry about looking like a blob when you use TBal75.

D-Bal – D-Bal is just another way that Crazy Bulk helps you increase protein synthesis. Your body is growing fast; you need to be able to keep up with it.

Remember that if you are training with Crazy Bulk, you are able to take the traditional limits of bulking up and are just throwing them out the window. This is where D-Bal helps, it ensures that you are able to grow as long as you are putting the right foods in your mouth and putting in the work in the gym.

Getting ready

Remember that our summer is still quite a few months away. These are the colder months where you should be focused on getting bigger. These are the colder months where you are able to generate more force, where you are able to break through plateaus as though they were nothing to you.

These are the months where you should be getting S.W.O.L.E. Start now, give yourself the aforementioned eight weeks, and make sure that you are stronger than you have ever been before you start your cut. The opportunity to get big is there, you just have to be willing to take it.


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